>>> Observer makes  you go  anyway  anytime!

>>> Observer makes you more independent and free!


The Real adventure begins where the paved road ends! 

 Let us introduce you to a unique 4x4  all terrain wheel-chair. It is a unique wheel-chair. The Observer is the first wheel-chair specially created for driving anywhere you want, anytime you want, without limitations. The Observer works even on roads which traditional wheelchairs can not, including Snow, Rain, Sand, Mud, Hills or wood roots and Rough Terrain etc.


The Observer is:

- a new world in accessibility for handicapped people.

- an opportunity to go wherever you wish, allowing you to explore areas you never dreamed were possible.

- 4X4 electrical all terrain wheel-chair, min turning radius 0.

-Synchro seat adjusting gradienter equipment,  that automatically adjusts the body’s center of gravity to the angle of slope you're driving (gyroscope). when driving up and down stairs or hills, your body will keep the same upright position as if driving along a flat surface. This makes driving more comfortable and safe. Now stairs, steps, and other obstacles wouldn’t affect your driving experience. Our wheelchair can climb and descend as many as 25degree stairs and steps as high as 15 cm, with a  max slope angle up to 45 degrees.

-Unique battery in the world, it's very eco-friendly battery, silicone power battery, no pollution, no noise.

-Imported handle PG R-net system,

-Imported motor  from Taiwan, more quiet, more powerful, and more reliable.

-Imported LED system, Extremely Bright and Efficient, Saves Power and Protects The Environment.

-Special seat, new Deep Contoured (High Support) Memory Foam Racing Style Seat Is A Automotive Grade Extremely Comfortable

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